Mazda CX-3 vs Renault Captur: Interior Review

Mazda CX-3 vs Renault Captur: Interior Review

While buying a car, the buyer considers a lot of points which would suit his needs. But one thing which can't be neglected is a car's interiors. This is a place where the driver and other occupants spend all of their time with the car. When it comes to judging a car by its interior, one always looks out for comfort and spaciousness. One would anyhow like their car to provide an ample of headroom and legroom along with huge boot space. Be it a long ride or a family picnic, comfortable interiors are a must.

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Nowadays, the two crossovers which have shaken up the Malaysian auto market are Mazda CX-3 and Renault Captur. So we at Carbay decided to draw a basic comparison between their interiors so that you can get an idea as of which car would cater to your comfort needs.


While CX-3 features a two-tone dashboard which gives it a definition, Captur is designed with an all-grey dashboard with some red accents on it. All the buttons are placed on convenient distances in both the cars which makes it easy to control the functions. Renault Captur entices its occupants from French affair interior styling with a blend of comfort, dynamic and practically designed crossover. Further, the steering wheel can be adjusted in coordination with the seating position. Basic operations of the car like open,close and start are made easy with Captur's keyless entry. Talking about Mazda CX-3, it is crafted with high-quality trim and materials, using metallic highlights and detail to give an elegant effect. Its tilt and telescopic wheel provide a good range of adjustability along with a comfortable driving position. The entertainment factor has also been kept in mind while designing these cars. Mazda CX-3 gets an MZD infotainment system which is smartly integrated with crisp graphics displaying all the basic details. It also features navigation system and other infotainment technologies like text-message reading and Pandora Internet radio. On the other hand, Renault Captur gets Media NAV with a seven-inch touchscreen which is further assisted with MP3, Radio, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.


Renault Captur features a removable 1.6-litre storage bin or 'Easy Life' drawer instead of a glove box while the front door bins can accommodate drink bottles up to 1.5-litres. On the other hand, Mazda CX-3 has got a standard glove box along with the rear armrest console which adds extra comfort and extends storage space. Talking about air conditioning system, both the cars are integrated with automatic dual-zone climate control. The boot space of these cars is also somewhat similar as CX-3 carries a boot of 340 litres while Captur carries 337 litres.

Mazda CX-3 vs Renault Captur Comparison

Mazda CX-3
  • RM 126,000
Renault Captur
  • RM 87,300 - RM 93,400
CX-3 vs Captur

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