10 Malaysians to take part in Subaru Challenge, Asian Face Off in Singapore

10 Malaysians to take part in Subaru Challenge, Asian Face Off in Singapore

Kuala Lumpur: Ten Malaysians are all geared up to take part in the Asian Face Off in Singapore this October with a chance to win a new Subaru XV in the Subaru Challenge. These guys made it to the Asian Face off, after passing a unique test. Those who managed to keep their palms on cars for over 10 hours and 5 minutes were shortlisted for the event. These finalists will take part in the Malaysian leg of the annual event which was held recently.


At this Subaru Challenge – Asian Face Off in Singapore, these selected candidates will fight against 390 other participants from Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Like the Malaysians, in those countries also, they had their own local round with finalists being invited to take part in the Grand Finale in Singapore.


Well, keeping the hands on the car for 10 hours is one thing, but winning the car at the finale event won't be that easy, as it will take more than 10 hours of endurance. In fact, the earlier records suggest that the winning times could stretch to more than 3 whole days in the sun and rain. The last year's record was set by a Singaporean participant of 82 hours and 16 minutes.


You might be thinking, how they will eat or drink? , well short breaks are allowed during the event as it would be too much not to allow the participants to have food and drink and to go to the toilet. But still it will take a lot of perseverance and determination to keep the palm on the bonnet non-stop for days.


The top prize of the event will be a Subaru XV Premium and there will also be cash prizes for being the Country Winner (awarded to the last person standing from each country); Country Team Prize for the longest surviving team (calculated by adding all the individual team members’ times together) and Asian Winner (the last person standing from all regional countries except Singapore).

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