2016 Renault Megane recalled for the most arcane fault

2016 Renault Megane recalled for the most arcane fault

KUALA LUMPUR: The Renault Megane is a compact hatchback, offered across the globe. And now in a one-of-its-kind recall campaign, Renault Australia has issued a recall notice for 824 examples of the Megane, citing an “error in the wording of the owner's manual”. All the models produced between 16 April 2016 and 11 October 2016, all from 2016 MY.

Renault Megane

The intricacy of the fault has nothing to do with the car itself. The main issue lies with the owner’s manual window operation section, that “contains an error in the wording which can cause the user to wrongly operate the child safety features on the rear door”. The fault is quite obscure and was not easily understandable by many. To get rid of this confusion, the French automaker decided to recall the cars and fix the errors with a marker pen. Not a major one, but just a typing error in the owner’s manual that has the potential to cause widespread confusion, has led Renault to recall the cars and fix the errors.

Renault Megane RAER

A recall notice has been filed with Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission, stating that Megane owners could misread the instructions in the manual and leave the rear doors unlocked. This could cause a serious problem as the door may be opened by any child who is occupying the back seat and this could be very risky. The fault is really arcane and confusing and to get rid of that, Renault has decided that it will not replace the entire owner’s manual, but rather just block out the words “and doors” in the handbook with a black marker pen.

Owners are requested to contact their nearest Renault dealer as soon as possible to book a suitable time slot to have the handbook amended.

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