Mitsubishi Malaysia launches ‘online showroom’ for convenient car shopping

Mitsubishi Malaysia launches ‘online showroom’ for convenient car shopping

KUALA LUMPUR: The coronavirus pandemic has brought a big change in the ways automotive companies approach their customers. Many of those have started their online showrooms offering new cars to the buyers through a simple process involving a few steps. 

The recent automaker to join the list is Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia. The official distributor of Mitsubishi cars in Malaysia has just launched an online showroom, which is dedicated to meet customer’s demands by providing a digitally enhanced experience for researching or purchasing a Mitsubishi car online.

Mitsubishi online showroom

The Mitsubishi online showroom comprises four easy steps that offer an alternative way of buying a Mitsubishi car in the country. These steps are equivalent to the fundamental steps of the traditional purchasing process.

Traditional Purchase Journey

Mitsubishi Online Showroom

Vehicle Viewing

360’ Virtual Showroom

Test Drive at Showroom

Test Drive 2U

Booking at Showroom

Online Booking Assist

Trade-in At Used Car Dealer

Online Trade In Assist

360’ Virtual Showroom: In the traditional process, customers look around the vehicle at the showroom. In place of that, Mitsubishi's online showroom offers a 360-degree view of the car’s exterior and interior with zoom in, zoom-out, and navigation functionality. A clickable interactive button is available with each listing that shows more information about the car upon clicking. Along with this, there is a gallery previewing vehicles from various angles.

Test Drive 2U: In May 2020, Mitsubishi Malaysia launched the Test Drive 2 service by which the customers can book the test drive of a Mitsubishi car from the comfort of their homes. It is now available on the online showroom as well. Customers just need to fill in some required details to get the selected Mitsubishi car at their preferred location for a test drive.

Mitsubishi Trade in assist

Online Booking Assist: After a test drive, if a customer wants to book the vehicle online then he/she needs to fill a booking request form on the Mitsubishi online showroom. Post that, the customer will get all types of assistance (including loan and insurance) from the company’s authorized dealer.

Online Trade In Assist: Customers who are interested in trade-in their vehicles can also look forward to the Mitsubishi Online Showroom. They just need to submit a trade-in assist form online, after which they can request a car inspection, handover, transfer of ownership, and other services at any of their preferred locations. The company has a collaboration with MyTukar for this.

Mitsubishi mobile app

“In the past year, we’ve seen an unpredictable level of change, because of the new normal and the need to maintain social distancing. The launch of the Mitsubishi online showroom is a strong example of MMM’s commitment to delivering a more human-centric experience by encompassing a holistic approach across three key organizational pillars: people, process, and technology,” said Tomoyuki Shinnishi, Chief Executive Officer of MMM.

Mitsubishi also launched a mobile application named MITSUBISHI CONNECT for offering after-sales service to its customers. It includes a range of vehicle-related digital services like scheduling a service appointment, keeping track of vehicle maintenance history, and so on.

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