Mitsubishi Pajero life-cycle to end soon

Mitsubishi Pajero life-cycle to end soon

KUALA LUMPUR: The Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi, has confirmed that it'll stop producing the Pajero SUV in the first half of 2021. The Mitsubishi iconic model had a good 39-year run, with over 3.3 million units sold globally.

The decision came after years of speculation and several attempts to save the SUV from extinction. However, after the company recorded its biggest financial loss ever in 18 years, the decision became a reality. The company also indicated that it would gradually retreat from the European market and focus its attention on Asia, where it has a strong base.

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Mitsubishi Pajero exterior

The announcement was made during a high-level overnight board meeting in Japan. Later, the automaker released an official statement that read: "Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, at its July 27, 2020 board of directors meeting, resolved to stop production in the first half of 2021 and close the factory of its domestic production subsidiary Pajero Manufacturing. "To establish appropriate production capacity based on the new mid-term plan, we have decided to stop production and close the factory of Pajero Manufacturing. Vehicle manufacturing of Pajero Manufacturing will be transferred to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's Okazaki factory."

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Here are a few details about the soon to closed Pajero factory:

  • Pajero Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has an operational history of nearly 80-year. Its door opened up in 1943, and back then it was called 'Toyo Koki'
  • Initially, the factory was used to manufacture aircraft (during World War II) and post that it was used to make automobiles
  • It was only until 1982 that Mitsubishi assigned Pajero's manufacturing to the factory
  • Several iterations of the SUV were produced in the course of 40-year at this factory
  • It had a capital of JPY 610 billion, and therefore its closure will help the automaker generate additional funds for restructuring

Mitsubishi Pajero factory shuts-down

Post the factory's closure, and official halt of Pajero manufacturing, the production of Mitsubishi models like Outlander and Delica D:5 will be shifted to automaker's Okazaki factory. The Pajero nameplate will continue to live in the form of cheaper and smaller Pajero Sport, a heavy-duty 4WD vehicle based on the Triton ute.

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