Here's how Lamborghini Mexico is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Here's how Lamborghini Mexico is celebrating its 10th anniversary

KUALA LUMPUR: Lamborghini Mexico turns 10 this year and it has a big celebration planned that involves the launch of four special edition Huracan EVO models. These 10th-anniversary special models are designed by the automaker's distributors in Italy, Ad Personam and Mexico, Grand Chelem.

four special edition Huracan EVO model DETAILS

As mentioned there are four special editions of Huracan EVO launched, each representing a key theme in Mexican culture which includes Tempo (Time), Vita (Life), Sogno (Dream), and Morte (Death).

These special-edition Huracan EVO feature a wide array of hues and finishes, making each one looks more attractive than the other. They surely are a rest take on the V10-powered supercar's design language. Also, hats off to the Mexicans, only they can make the already amazing Lamborghini look even more stunning.

Let's now see what each Huracan EVO special edition model has to offer, starting with the Vita Edition.

Huracan EVO Vita Edition

The Huracan EVO Vita Edition (Life) features a very special and surreal looking Oro Elios Gold and Verde Ermes Green tone, a perfect representation of life and nature. The cabin features gold highlights and a special eagle emblem depicting success and freedom.

 Huracan EVO Morte Edition

Where there's life, there is death and that's what the Huracan EVO Morte Edition represents. Both the exterior and interior showcase a Blue Astraeus tone that perfectly goes with bronze accents. It also gets a skull emblem that is the representation of the experiences we have and will go through to get us ready for the journey between life and death.

Huracan EVO Sogno Edition

The Huracan EVO Sogno Edition (Dream), is arguably the most unique and distinctive model of all, thanks to its Blu Symi and Oro Elios Gold highlight combo. This gets a two-headed dragon emblem, representing mythical creatures in Mexican folk art.

 Huracan EVO Tempo Edition

Coming to the last one, the Huracan EVO Tempo Edition (Time) features a blacked-out exterior and a snake emblem that symbolises the ‘reinvention of oneself by shedding the skin’. The exterior and interior gets Nero Nemesis matte back hue with Bronze Serse accents.

Which one do you like the most? Do let us know in the comments.

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