5-year old boy caught driving an SUV!

5-year old boy caught driving an SUV!

KUALA LUMPUR: Driving without a licence, especially when underage, is a punishable offence. In Malaysia, such offenders face a hefty fine and can even end up behind the bar. In developed countries, the consequences are even more lethal. One such incident happened in Utah, where a cop found a five-year boy behind the wheels of an SUV driving along the interstate highway.

5-year old boy caught driving an SUV!

As per reports, the boy stole the car key from his parents and was heading to California to make a big purchase. The cop pulled the SUV over by a flashing light after he saw the car weaving down the highway. As the silver SUV pulled aside, the officer was surprised to see a 5-year old on the driver’s seat.

But wait, the story only gets interesting from here. When questioned, the boy said that he was on his way to California to buy a Lamborghini. We say, what? Well, the boy had a fight at home when his mom refused to buy him his dream sports car. So, the young car lover decided to take the matter in his own hands and headed to California to make the big purchase. Apparently, he had only $3 in his pocket.

5-year old boy in Huracan

Hilarious, isn’t it? But we are thankful that the kid is safe and would request all parents to be a little more cautious with their car keys. As for the 5-year boy in question, he was ferried back to home by the cop. And a gentleman named Jeremy Neves on learning about the incident took the boy for a ride in his Huracan. So, in the end, he got to sit in his dream car and now would suggest him to start saving for his very own Lambo. Quite an enthusiast, we must say.

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