Bentley introduces a new carbon-fibre wheel after years of engineering

Bentley introduces a new carbon-fibre wheel after years of engineering

KUALA LUMPUR: After five years of research and development, Bentley finally unveiled a new carbon fibre wheel made in association with Bucci Composites, a leader in the design and production of advanced composite materials. Specifically developed for the Bentayga SUV, the new wheel measures 22-inch and is said to be the world’s largest carbon wheel in production offering a vast range of benefits.

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The first technological benefit of Bentley's new Carbon fibre wheel is that it is lightweight and thus saves 6 kg weight per wheel. Other than weight saving, the wheel offers the additional advantages of increased strength and stiffness. These include increased safety due to material weave dispersing air loss. When the wheel gets a high impact, the weave pulls apart that leaves openings to allow gradual air loss.

Bentley  carbon-fibre wheel

The carbon fibre also gives stiffness to the rim, which results in a more stable and consistent steering platform. A forged aluminium wheel, on the other hand, loses camber due to wheel flex, and thus reduces grip and agility. The new wheels also bring along improved and more responsive braking thanks to reduced unsprung mass.

Another benefit of the carbon fibre wheel highlighted by the luxury carmaker is reduced tyre wear. According to Bentley, the stiffer carbon wheel does not suffer much from bending, unlike other wheels, which leads to greater stability.

Bentley  carbon-fibre wheel

Bentley explains that its new carbon rim has gone through exceptionally rigorous TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverei - Technical Inspection Association) standards, and becomes the first carbon rim after passing all the tests with flying colours. For the final testing, the engineers put the wheel on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where it performed well.

Bentley’s new 22-inch carbon wheel will be available to order with the Bentayga premium SUV in late 2021. It will perfectly go with the brand’s existing carbon fibre products, including a carbon front splitter, sill extensions, and rear diffuser on the exterior and a high gloss carbon fibre veneer on the interior. 

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