Ferrari F12 Speciale Coming Soon

Ferrari F12 Speciale Coming Soon

KUALA LUMPUR: F12 Berlinetta, the flagship model by the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari will be adding up some more horses under the hood for its upcoming Speciale version. It might get unleashed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. F12 Berlinetta is certainly the car that anyone in the world would like to own, which is adhered with 6.2L direct-injection V12 engine. Now, the company is on the verge of finalizing a more powerful and light weighted version of the same, which is likely to come by the next year.

As reported by the Autocar UK, it won't be a limited edition and would make its appearance as a full-scale production model. However, the production of standard F12 Berlinetta won't be hindered and customers could enjoy this amazing machine in future too. The Speciale version is believed to shed off 200 Kg making it weigh around 1430 Kg now and the power produced by the 6.2L V12 engine has also been lifted by 30 hp to a final value of 760 hp.

If the above values are accurate, then its power-to-weight ratio will rise from 447 hp/tonne to 531 hp/tonne helping it to outclass its rivals, Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce and Porsche 918 Spyder, which equals 485 hp/tonne and 535 hp/tonne respectively.

With such mind-blowing numbers, this car would possess the ability to touch 100 Kmph mark from zero in 3 sec or even less. However, the top speed of F12, which is 340 Kmph could be decreased significantly due to increased drag as a result of advanced aerodynamics.

With the decision to go lightweight, we can expect every part of it being on the lighter side including body panels, wheels and thinner windows. In addition to this, we can also expect the interiors to be undressed, which includes carpets and sound deadening materials. However, an optional model would be available for the customers who wish to enjoy the comfort in the new F12 Speciale.

Suspension, steering, safety and stability systems are so developed or you can say are tuned to keep the car ready for the circuit as well as for the road.

It might be the last naturally aspirated non-hybrid model by Ferrari, which customers could relish. As, the earlier naturally aspirated models in the name of California T and 488 GTB have now turned to turbocharged mode.

Talking about the price, this flagship model by the Italian manufacturer is expected to be priced around £300,000 (RM1.7 million), which is still a good buy as against its rival Porsche 918 Spyder costing around £781,000 (RM4.6 million).

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