Geely update: 2nd-gen DCT dual-clutch gearbox, Borui sedan receives mid-facelift

Geely update: 2nd-gen DCT dual-clutch gearbox, Borui sedan receives mid-facelift

KUALA LUMPUR: Big news coming from Chinese automaker Geely. Starting with the one that concerns us the most - second-generation DCT dual-clutch gearbox. The Malaysian market is aware of the Geely's famous or rather world-famous DCT dual-clutch gearbox as the units feature in two of Proton's gems - the X70 and X50. Also, the DCT gearbox has been affiliated with 'The Ten Best Gearboxes In The World' award twice, in 2018 and 2019.

Furthermore, the DCT gearbox in three-years of its existence has made a lasting impression with more than one million units produced and 30,000 exported to the European market. What makes the ongoing DCT gearbox so special? Well, it is tuned with great technologies like Geely's electronic shift technology and electronic cooling oil pump. It ensures shift stability & efficiency and also reduces gearbox overheating. Now, with the announcement of the 2nd-gen DCT dual-clutch gearbox, we can't help but imagine what all it'll bring to the table.

2nd-gen DCT dual-clutch gearbox DETAILS

Speaking of improvements, the upcoming Geely DCT gearbox is expected to optimize the vehicle's mileage, efficiency, and performance. The company claims that it can withstand torque up to 450 Nm. Reports also suggest that it will be compatible with several advanced hybrid technologies, meaning it can be paired with several power plants, ultimately reducing Geely's cost.

2021 Geely Borui -

2021 Geely Borui

In another news, Geely has given its luxury sedan that's been on the run from 2015 a mild-facelift. The update is mostly limited to exterior design and configuration, while under the hood and cabin setup remain the same.

2021 Geely Borui side

The Geely Borui facelift features a new grille and a front bumper that seems to be inspired by Volvo S60. Also part of the revised model is new black five-spoke alloy wheels, reworked rear bumper, and black trims all-around the lower section and tailgate.

2021 Geely Borui facelift

That's all the major update on the Geely front, stay tuned with Zigwheels Malaysia for more such industry insights.

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