Perodua Axia - Safety explained

Perodua Axia - Safety explained

Launched in September last year, Perodua Axia caught the attention of many people because of its various new features and super competitive price tag. However, there was one aspect of the new 2019 Axia that took all of us by surprise and that was its safety features. Perodua added a bunch of new safety features in the Axia which has made this little hatchback, perhaps, the safest car in its segment. What are those safety features? That’s what we are here to find out.

Perodua Axia front

Before we begin, we would like to let you know that the new Perodua Axia comes in 6 different variants (GXTRA and STYLE are the new ones) and thus, the list of safety features would vary depending on the variant. Perodua Axia price starts at RM 24,090 for its base model and goes all the way up to RM 43,190 for its range-topping trim.

Some of the basic safety features that you will find in the new Axia specs sheet are-


Perodua has provided only a couple of airbags in the Axia - dual front SRS airbags. There are no side, curtain, or knee airbags available.

Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

If we are right, ABS has now become one of the most basic safety features that every car is equipped with. And there’s a solid reason for that. It is an old technology but acts as a lifesaver in unexpected and panic circumstances. Along with ABS, Perodua Axia also has EBD or Electronic Brake-Force Distribution. These two work in conjunction to provide the best braking performance under hard or panic braking conditions.

Stability Control and Traction Control

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) are also important safety features that help you to have full control of your Axia in various driving conditions like high-speed corners, rain, etc.

Perodua Advanced Safety features

Other minor safety features are-

  • Anti-theft device with alarm, immobiliser, and panic button
  • Wireless door lock and alarm
  • Anti-snatch hook 
  • Seat belt reminder
  • Key reminder

While all these aforementioned safety features are indeed important and work to keep you safe, it is the Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 that has made the Perodua Axia one of the safest cars in its segment. Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 is an advanced safety package that gets a set of stereo cameras which allows it to provide four primary functions. These are pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, front departure alert, and pedal misoperation control.

Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0

Pre-collision warning

This system alerts the driver when it detects the risk of a frontal collision. It can detect vehicles when you are driving at a speed of 4 km/h to 80 kmph and pedestrians when the speed of the car is between 4 kmph and 50 kmph. The system warns you by sounding a buzzer and flashing the ASA indicator on the MID.

Pre-collision braking

If you don’t apply the brakes after the pre-collision warning system has warned you about the vehicle/pedestrian ahead, then the pre-collision braking system will kick in. First, this system will apply the primary brakes which are sufficient enough to slow down the car a bit. The master warning light will glow on the MID. However, if the system judges that there’s no driver input on the brakes, it will then apply the secondary brakes bringing the car to a complete stop. Once stopped, it is necessary to depress the brake pedal otherwise the car will start moving after about 1.5 seconds.

Perodua Pre-Collision Braking

Front departure alert

This system alerts the driver when the vehicle in front has moved. People usually get distracted by various reasons or don’t pay as much attention as they need to while at a red light. This safety system comes in handy in such scenarios. Front departure alert detects vehicles within 10 metres ahead of your vehicle. When the car in front moves more than 3 metres ahead, the system will sound a buzzer and the ASA indicator will flash on the MID.

Pedal misoperation control

This system has been designed to suppress engine output when the driver accidentally stomps the accelerator pedal. It reduces damage from the obstacle ahead due to sudden acceleration. The stereo camera detects obstacles within 4 metres ahead of your car. When the accelerator pedal is pressed by mistake, the system suppresses the engine output and alerts the driver by sounding buzzer and warning light on the MID.

Perodua Advanced Safety features

It is all of the aforementioned safety features that helped the Axia to score an impressive 4-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating.

We hope you guys find this explanation of the Axia’s safety features elaborative enough. Do let us know in the comments what your thoughts about Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0.

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