Toyota’s new trademark fuels the rumors of Corolla Wagon arrival

Toyota’s new trademark fuels the rumors of Corolla Wagon arrival

KUALA LUMPUR: Being one of the best selling models in the world, Toyota Corolla is available in different body styles in different regional markets. In the US, the latest generation Corolla comes in two body forms - hatchback and sedan, while in Europe and other regions, customers also have the option of a stylish wagon model. But, now it seems that the automaker is ready to expand the Corolla lineup in the US as well. 

According to GR86 forums, Toyota filed two new trademarks; 'Toyota BZ' and 'Capstone', for the US market on May 22 and May 14 respectively. The filling dates are very recent so it is a bit early to know what the automaker is planning exactly, however, the auto-enthusiasts do have some guesses.

Toyota Corolla Wagon

For Toyota BZ, it is expected to be the more versatile version of the Corolla wagon. It is also rumored that it might be the next iteration of Corolla Touring Sports, sold in the US market. But one must be wondering how BZ and Corolla are connected. So, the answer is here, the automaker used to sell the Corolla BZ-Touring Wagon in the Asian market in the 1990s, thus the speculations about the returning of Corolla wagon started from here.

Toyota Corolla Wagon front

If we talk about the station wagon available in the US market, the segment is not much in demand, so this puts up a question on introducing a regular wagon model, though Toyota may roll out a taller riding variant with SUV enhancements.

About the second trademark named Capstone, it is speculated to be a new high-end variant slotted above the Limited trim. Or, it may be a new off-road trim of a particular model. However, the filling does not mention any name. So for now, these are just speculations and predictions. 

If we talk about the Malaysian market, the Toyota Corolla sedan version is available on sale, with a starting price of RM 128,888.

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