Smart #1 secures top 3 spot in Malaysia's premium EV market - Introduces Refer& Reward programme to show appreciation to buyers

 Smart #1 secures top 3 spot in Malaysia's premium EV market - Introduces Refer& Reward programme to show appreciation to buyers

KUALA LUMPUR:  In a remarkable feat for the Malaysian electric vehicle market, the smart #1, a flagship EV model sold by PRO-NET and designed by Mercedes-Benz on Geely’s Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA), has secured its position as the third-ranked EV SUV in the premium segment above RM180k. This achievement has positioned smart #1 as a preferred choice among Malaysian consumers, reflecting a growing demand for high-quality, premium electric vehicles.


  • How many variants of the smart#1 is available in Malaysia?

    3, the Pro, Premium and BRABUS
  • What are its prices?

    They range from 189k - 249k
  • What's the Hello smart App?

    This innovative application aims to offer the brand’s customers a comprehensive and seamless digital journey from charging payments to community based events
  • smart#1

    The Malaysian EV market has seen a significant surge, with sales jumping from 3,079 units in 2022 to 11,624 units in 2023, boosting its market share from 0.43% to 1.45%. Amidst this booming interest in electrification, smart #1 has stood out by leveraging its strong brand ethos focused on innovation and customer-centric solutions.

    Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia, commented, "This milestone reflects the growing demand for urban mobility solutions in the region and reaffirms smart's goal to position itself as a leader in the premium EV segment. He further added, with only one model sold, as opposed to other key players in the industry, we have achieved this great success. This exemplifies the trust our customers have in our product and services, and I would like to express my gratitude to our customers."

    Record-Breaking Sales and Strategic Growth

    smart#1 Malaysia

    Since its launch, smart #1 has rapidly gained traction in the premium EV SUV segment, with a notable record of 100 vehicles sold within just one month of its introduction. This exceptional performance is attributed to smart #1’s compelling combination of efficiency and advanced driving capabilities, particularly highlighted in its BRABUS variant known for superior performance.

    Smart's success is driven by a synergy of its Mercedes-Benz heritage, unique offerings such as access to extensive charging locations via a single app, top-notch ADAS features, and a focused expansion of the charging infrastructure across Malaysia.

    Enhancing Customer Experience and Community Engagement with 'Refer & Reward' Program

    smart Malaysia refer and reward programme

    Smart Malaysia is not just about selling premium electric vehicles; it’s about creating a vibrant community of smart vehicle enthusiasts. The newly introduced 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme is a testament to this commitment, designed to celebrate the loyalty of smart owners and encourage them to share their enthusiasm with friends and family.

    Through the Hello smart app, owners can refer new members to the smart community and earn rewards. Zhang Qiang elaborated, "Our goal with the 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme is to ignite the passion of our loyal smart owners by providing them with an opportunity to share their love for the brand with others. Through referrals, we aim to create a thriving smart community where members feel valued and connected."

    smart#1 community Malaysia

    For every successful test drive booked through a referral, the referrer earns 5,000 smart Points, equivalent to RM50, and this escalates to 50,000 smart Points, or RM500, for vehicle registrations. Existing owners who purchase a new all-electric smart vehicle receive 100,000 smart Points, about RM1,000. These points can be used in the Hello smart App for charging fees, in-car internet data, and official smart merchandise, enhancing the ownership experience.

    The Future Looks Bright

    As smart Malaysia continues to innovate and expand its outreach, the brand is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric mobility in Malaysia. The smart #1, with its blend of luxury, performance, and sustainability, is not just a vehicle but a symbol of progressive automotive technology that resonates with the modern consumer’s values and lifestyle.

    smart#1 showroom

    With initiatives like the 'Refer & Reward' program, smart is not only selling vehicles but also creating an engaged and passionate community of EV enthusiasts, ready to drive the shift towards a more sustainable and connected automotive future.

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