BMW M3 Competition: In Pics

BMW M3 Competition: In Pics

BMW Malaysia introduced the M3 along with the M4 last December, both offered in Competition guise locally. Back then it was only introduced with pre-booking commencing in Jan and deliveries in mid-2021.

BMW M Series

We have already discussed the M3 Competition's superior technology, however, today we'll be putting most of the car's under the microscope. So, let's get started with the exterior, moving on to its interior, tech, and other features.

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BMW M3 Competition: Driving dynamics

BMW M3 Competition engine

The M3 Competition is powered by a 3.0-litre M TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder petrol mill that offers superior power delivery (480 PS/550 Nm) along with a striking M engine sound. Outstanding performance is ensured by two mono-scroll turbochargers, fully variable valve control, direct High-Precision Injection, and variable camshaft.

BMW M3 BMW M TwinPower Turbo unit

The BMW M TwinPower Turbo unit is paired to an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic that offers several shifting options. It is extremely dynamic, efficient, and comfortable & smooth. Drive can use the gear lever or paddles on the steering for manual shifting or select one of the three automatic programmes via Drivelogic.

 M3 Competition M Compound brake

The M3 Competition gets M Compound brakes, they are weightless and extremely stable. The red-gloss brake callipers with M lettering gives this high-performance brake system a sporty appearance. Also visible in the image are the wheels of the sedan, 19"/20" forged wheels wrapped in Double-spoke style 825 M Bicolour Orbit Grey matt with mixed tyres.

M Sport exhaust system

The M Sport exhaust system offers a dynamic sound that can be modified through the integrated exhaust valve mechanism. From the SETUP button are present SPORT and SPORT+ programmes that offer an even more intense engine sound.

BMW M3 Competition: Design

M3 Competition front fascia

The front fascia of the M3 Competition is dominated via the expressive M kidney grille that for the first time is seen in a frameless design. The grille comes with horizontal M typical double louvres that permit maximum throughput of cooling air for the high-rev mill. The vehicle's athletic character is highlighted by the trapezoidal air inlets and sleek headlights.

M3 Competition side profile

The side profile showcases well-defined proportions and a unique 4-door 3-box design with front, passenger, and rear areas clearly separated. Overall, the M3 Competition silhouette creates a nimble and agile effect. Also, the outer rearview mirrors are dynamically designed in M double-slate style and adds to the sedan's sporty appeal.

 M3 Competition roof

As can be seen, the M3 Competition features a black carbon fibre roof made of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) that helps cut the car's weight and shift the centre of gravity lower. Thus leading to enhanced agility and dynamics while acceleration, braking, and bend.

 M3 Competition rear

The rear, like the sedan's side profile, showcases an agile and sporty appearance. The black chrome M twin pipelines and discreet Gurney flap in black high gloss highlight the vehicle's exclusive motorsport character.

BMW M3 Competition: Interior

The M3 Competition centre console control panel is easy to reach and the M MODE button below the Start/Stop control allows you to change the display contents. Moving on, the SETUP control offers more choices to configure the vehicle's characteristics.


The M3 Competition sedan features an M leather steering wheel with contoured thumb rest for athletic steering experience and direct & maximum control. Several multimedia and assistance systems operations are managed via the integrated multifunction controls.

 multi-adjustable M Sport seats

The driver and co-passenger get to enjoy multi-adjustable M Sport seats with partly integrated headrest and bucket seat character. Also, the backrest width can be individually adjusted. Look closely and you can notice the seats' special design and the illuminated M3 logo that highlights the sedan's athletic capabilities.

M specific instrument cluster

The M specific instrument cluster is available in SPORT and TRACK modes. It offers precise and focused driving data such as tyre pressure and temperature.

BMW M3 Competition M setup

The M setup enables the driver to configure several driving dynamics parameters like steering, engine, and transmission characteristics, Dynamic Stability Control, and damper setting.

M specific braking system

The integrated M specific braking system not only saves 2 kg weight but also offers very high braking dynamics. Also, the driver can pick between 'Sport' and 'Comfort' brake pedal parameters.

BMW M3 Competition digital key

On the connectivity front, the digital key can be used to lock and unlock the car and even start it. The owner can authorise up to five people with iPhones to use the concerned BMW M3 Competition. Among other things, it can be used to limit the maximum speed and drive power.

Overall, the BMW M3 Competition is a great car not only to look at but to drive as well. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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