Honda HR-V - Features we love

Honda HR-V - Features we love

It is no surprise that the compact crossover SUV segment consists of some of the best-selling cars in the market. This genre of passenger vehicles keeps expanding with each passing year as more and more consumers gravitate away from regular hatchbacks or sedans. And like in most countries across the world, in Malaysia, several automakers have been reaping the rewards from this trend.

Honda HR-V design

Possibly at the forefront of this movement in the country has been the Japanese auto giant Honda. Ever since its launch in Malaysia back in 2015, the Honda HR-V has been riding on a wave of strong sales and tangible popularity among the masses. In fact, the automaker has been able to move over 15,000 units of the compact crossover in the past year, alone.

Clearly, the Honda HR-V has quite a lot going for it (apart from just its badge appeal). So here’s a breakdown of some of the top features that the HR-V possesses that we love quite a bit.

Honda HR-V headlamps

1. Automatic LED headlamps

Select variants of the Honda HR-V (namely V and RS) come equipped with fancy yet highly-functional LED headlamps. These not only make the crossover look stylish and modern but also help with improving visibility while driving. On the HR-V, these headlamps turn on automatically if the sensor detects that it is dark enough outside.

The units are also capable of auto-levelling themselves which really reduces the chance of blinding oncoming motorists, especially when driving on uneven surfaces. The HR-V specs sheet gets LED front fog lamps and daytime running lights (DRLs) as well.

Honda HR-V Lane Watch

2. Honda LaneWatch

While most modern cars only come with a regular blind-spot indicator, the new HR-V goes one step further - it comes with Honda’s LaneWatch system. As the name suggests, the LaneWatch system utilises a camera that’s integrated into the passenger-side wing mirror and automatically activates whenever the driver uses the indicator stalk (for right-hand turns or lane changes).

Once activated, the camera continuously feeds a live video on the HR-V’s primary head unit and displays everything in the blind-spot on the right side of the vehicle. One can also turn on the LaneWatch camera manually by pressing a button on the indicator stalk -- this comes in quite handy, especially when you are manoeuvring in and around a lot of traffic or congested highway lanes.

Honda HR-V rear view camera

3. Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

Rear-mounted parking cameras are quite the norm in most cars these days; but what about a comprehensive, multi-angle reversing camera? As of now, that is still not that common a feature on most vehicles. However, that isn’t the case with the new Honda HR-V.
Even the base E variant of the new Honda HR-V comes fitted with a unique Multi-Angle Rearview Camera system. This camera system - with its Normal, Wide and Top-Down views, allows drivers to better judge their distances from various obstacles directly behind the HR-V whilst parking. Now you really don’t have many excuses if you end up hitting a car or lamp post behind you.

4. Power-adjustable driver’s seat

If you opt for either the V or RS variant of the Honda HR-V, you benefit from an 8-way, power-adjustable driver’s seat. Therefore, irrespective of your shape, size or preferences, finding a suitably comfortable driving position in the HR-V is really going to be no challenge.

5. Cruise control

To make life behind the wheel a little more hassle-free, Honda has equipped all variants of the new HR-V with cruise control as standard. So once you are out on an open stretch of road with little to no traffic, you can take your foot off of the accelerator pedal and let the HR-V take care of modulating the throttle as required to maintain the desired speed.

Honda HR-V Paddle shifters

6. Paddle shifters

However, in case you come across some twisties or would simply like to take over more control, the Honda HR-V comes with shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. In the variants with the continuously variable transmission (CVT), the paddles control the behaviour of the pseudo ratios that have been programmed into the system.

On the other hand, in the hybrid variant, the same paddles interact with the HR-V’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission which definitely comes with real ratios in-between gears. However, do note that neither of these transmissions have been tuned keeping fire-breathing performance in mind.

Honda HR-V Climate Control

7. Automatic climate control

Cabin comfort in the Honda HR-V is improved with the inclusion of automatic climate control - available in all variants a standard. Instead of you manually flipping switches and rotating some dials, the HR-V’s climate control system automatically adjusts the fan speed (among other things) depending on the desired temperature that has been set.

Honda HR-V safety feature

8. Electronic parking brake with auto-hold function

The Honda HR-V sports a simple to use an electronic switch to activate or deactivate the car’s parking brake. This not only frees up some space inside the cabin but also allows for an auto-hold feature to be implemented.

The auto-hold function allows drivers to take their foot off the brake pedal, even if on an incline. With the push of a button, the HR-V will automatically apply the brakes whenever you come to a stop, thus preventing any accidental movement either forwards or backwards.

9. Smart entry with push-button ignition

While some cars even to this day require you to take out a key fob to unlock the doors, the Honda HR-V’s ‘Smart Entry’ system works far more seamlessly. As long as you have the key in your person, the HR-V will detect it and automatically prime the doors as you approach the vehicle -- now all you need to do is press a button on the door handle to get inside.

Honda HR-V airbags

10. Six airbags

Irrespective of which variant of the new Honda HR-V you go for, all of them come equipped with six airbags (dual front, front side & side curtain) a standard fitment. In a market where certain automakers reserve six airbags only for higher variants, Honda has legitimatised its stance on safety quite firmly by offering six airbags across variants.

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