Lamborghini Urus hits 185 mph on ice, sets new speed record

Lamborghini Urus hits 185 mph on ice, sets new speed record

KUALA LUMPUR: Lamborghini recently put the Urus through a top speed test run, the results of which are astonishing. Now the thing about such runs is that they are not easy with a lot on the shoulders of the person behind the wheels. They require ice-cold veins to maintain focus as they approach inhuman speed.

Lamborghini Urus top-speed

Lamborghini scheduled one such top-speed test run from Urus with the setup being an ice-covered Lake Baikal in Russia. The said run was part of the Days of Speed event organised by LAV-racing company - an annual festival that's dedicated to setting speed records on ice.

Lamborghini Urus ice test

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How did the Urus perform? Well, the Italian beauty has set a speed record on ice, by attaining a top speed of 298 kmph. It performed even better during the practice run, clocking 302 kmph. Besides, it also set a 1000 meter record at 114 mph from a stand-still position. The Lamborghini super SUV did all this despite the obvious dangerous combinations and significant risk of ice warming. The record-breaking run was supervised by FIA and RAF.

Lamborghini Urus ice top-speed test

Who was behind the wheels? Andrey Leontyev, 18-time Days of Speed Russian record-holder.

Speaking of top speed and ice, it's hard to miss out on the Audi RS6 that recorded the fastest speed on ice, 335.7 kmph. Now which among the two will be accounted official is the question.

Lamborghini Urus details

Not to forget, there is a popular notion that top speed records are of no use, merely a waste of time. What are your thoughts?

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