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2020 BMW M2 CS Comes With Manual And Hefty Diet

2020 BMW M2 CS Comes With Manual And Hefty Diet
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Kuala Lumpur: The M is getting more and more powerful. BMW M that is. BMW M3 may not be here at least until next year, but they still have some surprise under their sleeve. It's the BMW M2 CS, slotted above the Competition version. This little coupe have some significant update under the skin, including manual transmission.

Under the bonnet is the six cylinder turbocharged S55 engine. BMW M said M2 CS can produce 444 hp, which is 40 hp higher than the M2 Competition. 550 Nm will be available from as low as 2,350 all the way to 5,500 rpm. Those figure will be channeled into the rear wheels by either 7-speed dual clutch auto, or 6-speed manual transmission. Those figures will deliver 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.8 second.

2020 M2 CS

Other sophisticated driving aid include Active M Differential and for the first time ever on BMW M2, the lovable Adaptive M Suspension. It is available in Sport, Sport+ and Comfort mode. Driving dynamics are supported by specially tuned DSC. BMW M said that this DSC will provide variations of car handling, on the driver's finger tips. It will also gives precise grip on different condition such as snow or wet.

Now, the look. This car is really a sight for the sore eyes. Better than the other M2s. It may looks the same but closer inspection will reveal that the front splitter under the front bumper is new. The glossy black kidney grille, completes the looks at front. Boot lid and rear diffuser's exposed carbon fiber also looks aggressive, and provide aerodynamics needed. The wheels?  Standard comes in 19 inch size, with high-gloss black finish. Matte gold comes as an optional. 

2020 BMW M2 CS


Speaking of carbon fiber, M2 CS has lots of them. The bonnet, including the splitter, boot lid, diffuser and the hood are made of CFRP. The wheels are not forgotten. M engineer claim that the fron wheels are at 9 kg. While the rear is less than 10 kg. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are responsible for traction.

This gives M2 CS a hefty diet. Structural rigidity is supported by the roof with sandwich design. It creates the impression that the roof is actually one piece with the rest of the body part. This is also improving the acoustic quality for the cabin.

BMW M2 CS dashboard

Inside, it looks familiar with the Competition. Alcantara everywhere. At the steering wheels, seats, arm rest. Again, CFRPs are present at the door trim, door pulls, center console. It gives an interior with 50 percent less weight than the standard M2. This car will have its public debut next month at Los Angeles Auto Show 2019.

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