BMW iX: Comfort & convenience a priority

BMW iX: Comfort & convenience a priority

BMW Malaysia lineup is getting bigger and better with every passing month. It was only recently that the automaker fully revealed the i4 and alongside it also releases the finalised specifications for its flagship electric SUV, the iX.

The BMW iX though haven’t been launched yet, is open for customers to register their interest with its sales commencing from November.

BMW iX features

Now, being a BMW that to a flagship model, the iX is expected to come loaded with best-in-class features, be it comfort, convenience, or safety. And that’s what we are here to discuss, iX’s comfort and convenience features. But before that let’s discuss some
Basics, starting with variant options.

At the time of launch, the BMW iX will be offered in two trim options - xDrive40 and xDrive50, both employes two motors and all-wheel drive system. The former employs the services of a 258 PS front motor and 272 PS rear motor, with the total output limited to 240 PS and 630 Nm of torque. The xDrive50 is slightly more powerful with a 313 PS rear motor, the total output reads 523 PS and 765 Nm.

BMW iX comfort kit

Coming to performance figures, the xDrive40 with the given configuration cracks the 100 kmph
Mark in 6.1 seconds. The power consumption rating rest between 19.4 and 22.5 kWh per 100 km and it a claimed range of 425 km (WLTP cycle). As for the xDrive50 model, it takes only 4.6 seconds to complete the century sprint. Its top speed is electronically limited to 200 kmph which is the same as the xDrive40.

Coming to its comfort and convenience factor, let’s discuss each in detail one-by-one -

Superb suspension

When talking about comfort, it’s not just about material fittings but also extends to mechanical inclusions that play a big role in delivering a seamless ride. And, so comes the car’s suspension setup that consists of a double-wishbone at the front and a five-link axle at the rear. It further incorporates a stiff aluminium front sheer panel, elastic subframe bearings for enhanced noise isolation. The specially-turned rear elastokinematics bring in better comfort.

Other mechanical inclusions that work on improving iX ride quality are adaptive dampers, rear-wheel steering, and air suspension. It is also the first all-wheel-drive model to benefit from near-actuator wheel slip limitation technology, which is considered more precise than the traction control system.

BMW iX specs


A car’s aerodynamics have a big role to play in its comfort and convenience parameter. And with there is no dearth of such inclusions. For instance, it features a streamlined body, air curtain inlets on the front bumper, and slim door mirrors with integrated aero fins. Also, its flat underbody and rear diffuser limit the drag. The fins on the front end further direct the air around the front wheels to reduce turbulence.

The company claims a drag coefficient figure of just 0.25 along with a range improvement of over 65 km, all thanks to the aero elements present all around the car. It includes an active air intake shutter, Air Curtains, and rear windscreen ‘blades’.

BMW iX premium features

Generous space

The iX measures 4,953 mm in length, 1,967 mm in width, and 1,695 mm in height. Its wheelbase is 3000 mm long and it comes with improved wide front and rear tracks that call for better ride and handling and generous cabin and boot space.

Cabin amenities

BMW iX cabin

On the inside, the BMW electric SUV showcases clean and minimalist aesthetics coupled with a large curved display panel and a flat horizontal dashboard. It also gets button-operated electronic door releases (replacing the mechanical pulls), power seat adjustment controls, seats with integrated headrest and heating, ventilation, and massage function at the front. The rear ones get USB Type-C ports and a system for attaching hooks and table holders.

The Heat Comfort package includes a heated rear seat along with a heated glovebox, dashboard, steering wheel, centre armrest, and door panels.

To further enhance the comfort level, BMW has minimised the number of physical controls to 50%.

Tech upgrades

BMW iX rear

There is a large 14.5-inch touchscreen display that runs on the new BMW Operating System 8. One can not only control the air-con system from it but it also comes integrated with voice control.

So, what are your thoughts on the BMW iX’s comfort and convenience kit? Do let us know in the comments.

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