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2020 Bezza vs Iriz? A price fight b/w the sedan & hatch

2020 Bezza vs Iriz? A price fight b/w the sedan & hatch

Just like the popular belief, “all good things come in a small package”, the compact models in the entry segment are setting new sales record despite their small size. The models in question are Proton Iriz and Perodua Bezza, both of which are quite popular in their respective segments.

2020 bezza vs iriz - image

While Iriz is an entry-level hatchback, Bezza is a compact sedan, updated recently with some prominent changes on the equipment list. The common thread binding both cars is the price point which makes them a part of the crowded B segment. Iriz came out first in 2014, and the recent update improves it over the preceding version, missing out on some prominent comfort amenities. Speaking of 2020 Perodua Bezza, the latest version betters in terms of looks, thanks to new styling updates. The safety suite receives Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assistance (ASA) 2.0, available with car giant’s

2020 Bezza vs Iriz? A price fight b/w sedan & hatch

latest models. Even though both models have different body styles, the close proximity in pricing put them opposite each other.

Here is a quick price comparison between both models, and other details that can help you decide the better pick in the budget segment.

2020 bezza vs iriz - price

The price comparison between both models shows there is a minor difference in cost of Iriz and Bezza. In comparison, Iriz costs slightly more than Bezza with the base variants of both models placed around RM 2000, and the fully-loaded top-spec variants positioned just RM 720 apart. However, it remains to be seen which car offers a better package and justifies the affordable pricing.

2020 Bezza vs Iriz - Dimensions

Let us first go through the dimensions of both models before we touch base on other parameters.

2020 Bezza vs Iriz - Dimensions

2020 Bezza vs Iriz - Exterior

2020 Bezza vs Iriz - Exterior

While both Iriz and Bezza belong to the mainstream segment, these models ditch the mundane boxy styling seen in the majority of cars in this price bracket. The styling updates up the visual appeal, thanks to the addition of new elements. On one hand, 2020 Bezza specs sheet boasts side skirts for a sporty appearance, the Iriz comes with an optional black roof on the top-spec grade only. Powered wing mirrors are common in both cars, though Iriz comes with additional auto-folding function. Other prominent bits such as daytime running lights and follow me home headlamps are missing in Bezza, while Iriz makes do with halogen headlamp units, body-colored outside door handles, etc.

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Interior

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Interior

In addition to the above features, Proton Iriz spec sheet also benefits from online music streaming, online navigation, and premium leather seat covers which could be availed only with the range-topping variant. Besides, both models offer decent space for occupants seated at the front and rear. Speaking of cargo volume, the new Bezza has a spacious luggage storage compartment with a capacity of 508 litres.

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - dash image

As for comfort, despite belonging to the B-segment, both Iriz and Bezza ensure an uncompromised ride experience inside the cabin with multiple utility points and several features coming to the rescue. One area when Iriz gets an edge over Bezza is the infotainment unit, benefitted by voice commands, 4G Wi-Fi, smartphone connectivity and several other features.

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Engine & transmission

 2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Engine

The Proton Iriz specs sheet comprises two high displacing 4-cylinder, DOHC engines with power ranging between 95 to 109 PS. While the new Bezza is slightly underpowered in comparison.

  • The Perodua Bezza comes with a conventional five-speed manual unit and a standard four-speed MT

  • On the contrary, the Proton Iriz range is available with a solo CVT gearbox, missing out on a manual unit

  • The four-cylinder DOHC units powering Iriz generate more power than Bezza’s VVT-i motors

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Safety

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Safety

The new Bezza receives Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0 which consists of Pre-Collision Braking up to 80 km/h, Pre-Collision Warning up to 100 km/h, Front Departure Alert, Pedestrian Detection up to 50 km/h, and Pedal Misoperation Control.

As for Proton Iriz, it also packs side airbags and curtain airbags along with dual front airbags, albeit these are specific to the top-spec variant.

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - Conclusion

2020 Bezza vs. Iriz - rear

Both Proton Iriz and Perodua Bezza are packed with the latest comfort and connectivity features, though Iriz is slightly more advanced in terms of connectivity. As for safety, while Bezza gets the latest iteration of ASA 2.0, Iriz comes with additional side-bags, curtain-bags, hill-hold assist, electronic stability control, etc. over the petite hatchback. However, if you do not give much prominence to these features, you can own Bezza sedan at a marginal less price compared to Iriz.

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