Mitsubishi Triton Quest vs. Isuzu D-Max 2019

Mitsubishi Triton Quest vs. Isuzu D-Max 2019

These days, pickup trucks have become the go-to vehicles for many people for various reasons. And we can’t deny the fact that, indeed, pickup trucks can be used for multiple purposes. Yes, they have their own set of downsides but hey, everything has its pros and cons, right?

Mitsubishi Triton Quest vs. Isuzu D-Max

Today, there is a bunch of pickup truck options available in Malaysia and two very popular names are the Mitsubishi Triton Quest and Isuzu D-Max 2019. In this story, we are going to compare the two of them. Since the former is the most affordable variant of the Triton series, to keep things fair and square, we will put it against the most affordable variant of the Isuzu D-Max series, the 1.9L 4x2 Low-Ride (Double Cab).

Mitsubishi Triton Quest


Mitsubishi’s latest Dynamic Shield design language is really something and the brand is slowly implementing it in its most of its products globally. In Malaysia, Mitsubishi doesn’t have an extensive product line-up but apart from the Mitsubishi ASX, then rest of them have received the Dynamic Shield treatment; even the recently launched Triton Quest.

Isuzu D-Max

So the Triton Quest looks very similar to the other Triton variants, however, Mitsubishi has done certain changes to keep the costs in check. At the front, the chrome work has been replaced by blacked-out or body-coloured parts, the headlights are projector units but halogens, and the wheels are 15-in in size. But after all that, the Triton Quest is still one of the best-looking pickup trucks that we have in our country.

Following is a detailed comparison of the dimensions of the Triton Quest and Isuzu D-Max-

Mitsubishi Triton Quest vs. Isuzu D-Max 2019

On the other hand, we have the Isuzu D-Max 2019. It continues to have a very familiar appearance. Up ahead, there is a redesigned front grille that makes things a bit more interesting, halogen headlamps, and a large bumper.

The side look of the pickup truck is mostly dominated by its set wheels and the wheel arches. Some of its other features include body-coloured side mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, premium chrome door handles.

Mitsubishi Triton Quest

Moving to the rear, the Isuzu continues to have the familiar vertically stacked set of taillights which look just fine. Overall, the D-Max still looks rock-solid and purpose-built.

 Isuzu D-Max 2019


The cabin of the Triton Quest is pretty basic which is, again, to keep the costs in check. There’s a black-lit meter panel with multi-information display, day and night rearview mirror, and 3-spoke urethane steering wheel with tilt & telescopic functions. For entertainment, there’s a 2-DIN non-touchscreen head unit that supports Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of space, that’s plenty!

Mitsubishi Triton Quest

Things aren’t any different in the Isuzu. Its interior has been designed to provide space, comfort, and practicality. There’s a convenient centre compartment, CD player, MP3, AUX, and USB, chrome door levers, speed-sensing power lock, etc.


Powering the new Triton Quest is a 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine that produces 110 PS of max power and 200 Nm of torque. It has a 5-speed manual transmission and a 2WD drivetrain that delivers the power to the rear wheels.

This engine has been designed to provide an optimal combination of power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.

In the Isuzu D-Max 2019 specs sheet, we have a 1.9-litre turbodiesel engine on duty which churns out 150 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque. For the transmission, it has a 6-speed manual unit with Gear Shift Indicator.

Following is a detailed engine specs comparison-

Mitsubishi Triton Quest vs. Isuzu D-Max 2019

Safety features

Since both the models in question are the base models, we don’t expect them to have high-end safety features, however, they should come with some of the basic ones. The Mitsubishi Triton Quest specs sheet list dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and parking sensor as the main safety features.

Following are the safety features of the Isuzu D-Max-

  • Dual front airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Brake assist
  • Hill-start assist
  • Hill descent control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Traction control system
  • Reverse camera
  • Reverse sensors

Clearly, the Isuzu has a lot more safety features than the Triton Quest.


Mitsubishi Triton Quest price is RM 79,890 whereas the Isuzu D-Max 2019 price for its base low-ride model is RM 80,149. There’s not much of a difference there, however, if you look at the bigger picture,

the Isuzu would appear to be a better deal here. It has a more powerful engine, an extra cog in the transmission, larger in all the dimensions, and most importantly, has more safety features. If looks aren’t that important for you, then Isuzu is the way to go.

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