Straight-six engine confirmed for next-gen Mazda CX-5

Straight-six engine confirmed for next-gen Mazda CX-5

KUALA LUMPUR: Automakers these days are either downsizing their engines, moving towards electrification, or doing both. Mazda is no different, as the company aims to fully-electrify its lineup by 2030. However, the Japanese automaker can’t keep its hands off the good old conventional units inline-six engines. As the next-gen CX-5 has been confirmed to get a six-cylinder powertrain.

Mazda CX-5 cabin

This information was shared by Vinesh Bhindi, Mazda Australia Managing Director, during a presentation. Carsales reported him quoting, “Mazda continues to invest in high-efficiency combustion engines, with SkyActiv-X, and the new generation straight-six engine family that will power our new-generation large-platform products, which is CX-5 and above.”

next -gen Mazda CX-5

If this information is true, then Mazda will be up-sizing its engine rather than downsizing (from current four- to upcoming six-cylinder). A completely reverse move compared to other automakers.

Furthermore, Bhindi’s statement is in line with the automaker’s recent announcement concerning its rear-wheel-drive platform for large vehicles. Here, Mazda would pair six-cylinder petrol or diesel mill to a 48V mild-hybrid setup, the drive would be sent to rear wheels.


Also, the upcoming CX-5 will stand on Mazda’s new SkyActiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture. The car is expected to see a significant bump in power output, all while consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2.


Reports suggest that the next-gen CX-5 will be offered in two engine options - a 3.3-litre turbodiesel and a 3.3-litre turbodiesel unit. Both paired to a 48V mild-hybrid tech.

Lastly, the six-cylinder mill is expected to be reserved for the pricier CX-5 variants, the lower-end trims might continue with the four-cyl unit.

Since none of these speculations is confirmed, we’ll all have to wait for either a confirmation from Mazda or the next-gen CX-5 itself to clear the air around the matter.

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