Close to 15,000 Proton sold last month

Close to 15,000 Proton sold last month

KUALA LUMPUR: The year 2021 looks like a great year for Proton, as the automaker is beating its own sales record. For instance, in February the automaker sold close to 12,000 units in both domestic and export markets, thus making it the best sales month in seven years! In March, Proton sold as many as 14,989 cars, i.e, a good 2,989 units more than the previous month - a 26.2% hike over Feb. In terms of market share, the current estimate rests at 23.5%.

Proton March 2021 sales

Now, which models were the biggest contributors?

The automaker's latest SUV contributed greatly to the sales with 5,850 units successfully delivered to customers across Malaysia and abroad. More than 3,500 units of the X50 were registered in March. As for X70, it witnessed a 58.8% monthly increase in sales, it is going strong at 2,337 units.

Proton X50 badge

Speaking of the best-selling Proton, the Saga remains unbeatable at 5,589 units, i.e., 33.5% hike over February. Talking about other contributors, Persona sold 2,151 units, the Iriz 810 units, and Exora 584 units.

Upgraded Proton X70

CEO of Proton Edar, Roslan Adbullad on the great success commented, "After a soft start to the year, Malaysia’s automotive industry has finally hit its stride for 2021. We estimate TIV to be over 63,000 units, suggesting all brands will post their best numbers for the year. For PROTON, March was a very good sales month as we achieved our highest figure in 90 months but our sense of achievement is tempered by the fact that it could have been even better if we were able to produce more units."

Proton March sales 2021 details

He further added "As things stand, we still have a large order bank to fulfill so over the next few months, PROTON will strive to increase production while maintaining our focus on delivering high-quality products. We are also mindful that PENJANA incentives are currently due to expire by the end of June, so we aim to ensure as many customers as possible are able to enjoy the tax holiday given by the government."

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