Proton launched new ‘Gallery of Inspiration’ at COE

Proton launched new ‘Gallery of Inspiration’ at COE

KUALA LUMPUR: Proton, Malaysia’s national carmaker has officially launched its new brand gallery, the ‘Gallery of Inspiration’ at the Centre of Excellence (COE) complex in Subang. This new gallery marks Proton’s next concrete step in its rebranding journey that started in 2019.


  • When can one visit Proton's new brand gallery?

    Opened for the public five day week, Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, the Gallery of Inspiration comprises several zones and has a lot to offer
  • What all can be seen and enjoyed at Proton's 'Gallery of Inspiration'?

    Gallery of Inspiration comprises several zones and has a lot to offer. For instance, the Proton Cafe, VR simulator with two seats, engine section, and much more.
  • Opened for the public five day week, Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, the Gallery of Inspiration comprises several zones and has a lot to offer. For instance, there is a podium for the hero car of the moment, it’ll house Proton’s latest model, currently, the spot is occupied by the X50 SUV. There’s also the ‘Inspiration Lounge’ with an open area, two rooms for special guests, an Experiential Zone with six sub-sections, touchscreen panels (giving an overview of the models and the company), and much more.

    1985 Saga in red

    The heritage car display is now replaced by a spacious, open space with just one icon, the 1985 Saga in red paint. Taking one down the memory lane are the static display boards showcasing significant company moments and nostalgic old pictures.

    Proton ‘Gallery of Inspiration’ is not all about reading and watching, but it gets a taste of the company’s high-tech features too. How? Via a connectivity section with a booth with the actual ‘Hi Proton’ voice command system and screen.

    Proton engines

    For the tech junkies, there is a separate engine section featuring actual mills. The space currently showcases three powertrains - the X70’s 1.8T, the X50’s 1.5T, and the all-new 1.5T mild hybrid with BSG. Each mill is accompanied by a rotating iPad with AR function, all one has to do is point the tablet at any particular part of the engine and an explanation pops up.

    Proton VR simulator

    For the kid in you, there is the VR simulator with two seats. Just put on the VR headrest and drive through a virtual city with autonomous driving features.

    Proton Cafe

    The Proton business overview and network area pack in sophisticated business staff and there’s also a world map on the wall showing all the countries with Proton’s presence in the past. And next to the world map is a Starbucks outlet, called the Proton Cafe. As per the company, the cafe is run by Proton Global Services, a new subsidiary, with the sales arm planning to expand the concept to other Proton dealerships.

    Proton Starbucks outlet

    Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar said, “As the country’s first car maker, the history of PROTON and Malaysia’s automotive industry are intrinsically linked. We have achieved many firsts and introduced various innovations through the years and that journey is proudly shared in the Gallery of Inspiration.” He further added, “At the same time, our products have developed rapidly the last few years so we are also taking this opportunity to show car buyers what the future holds and what they can expect from Proton,”

    We’d say head to COE and check out the Gallery of Inspiration for yourself and experience the fun in person.

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