2019 Perodua Aruz - Safety equipment and accessories explained

2019 Perodua Aruz - Safety equipment and accessories explained

KUALA LUMPUR: 2019 Perodua Aruz is the new seven-seater SUV you should be looking at, especially when the company has bestowed it with premium features, bankable safety equipment, and accessories for a customised look.

2019 Aruz safety

Talking about the safety first, Perodua has blessed the new 2019 Aruz with an avant-garde safety package that promises to safeguard occupants and avoid mishaps. Both the variants in the lineup have been benefitted with standard features like 6 airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchors, ABS with EBD, Hill Descent Control, Vehicle Stability Control, and Hill Start Assist.

Additionally, the seven-seater SUV comes with an improved version of the company’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA ) safety suite 2.0. The pack is more advanced, improved, and better at combating collisions and alerting the driver about accidents well in advance so that it can all be avoided for the good.

The features included in the ASA safety suite are Pre-collision Warning (PCW), Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC), Front Departure Alert (FDA), and Pre-collision Braking (PCB).

How does the ASA work?

The assistance to the driver is provided by a forward-facing stereo camera. This camera is responsible for viewing and sensing the vehicle/obstacle in the front, thereby alerting the driver with appropriate signals.

2019 Aruz exterior

Discussing about PCW, it alerts the driver about an upcoming collision via a buzzing sound. The operational speed of the system has now been increased from 4 to 100 kmph, which earlier was from 4 to 30 kmph. This is a significant improvement considering the safety of the occupants. The PCW on the 2019 Aruz can now recognize pedestrians too and avoid collision with them at operational speeds in the range of 4 to 50 kmph.

In case the driver isn’t able to apply brakes or respond quickly enough to the warning, Pre-collision Braking takes charge. It applies the brakes automatically. The braking intervention takes place in two stages, weak primary and hard secondary braking. At first, primary brakes are applied whereas, if the system senses reduction in the distance with the vehicle in the front, secondary hard braking acts as a saviour.

For vehicles, the PCB activates at speeds between 4 to 80 kmph. Whereas for pedestrians, the speeds range is from 4 to 50 kmph.

Perodua Aruz safety

According to the automaker, the crash can be completely avoided at speeds up to 30 kmph, while at speeds between 30 to 80 kmph (in case of vehicles) and 30 to 50 kmph (pedestrians), the system cannot avoid the crash completely rather help in reducing the speed to minimum and preventing severe damages.

Pedal Misoperation Control, on the other hand, overrides the engine output if an obstacle like a wall is detected within four metres in the front. For up to 8 seconds, it won’t allow the car to accelerate further. Hence, if a driver mistakenly presses the wrong pedal, a probable accident could be avoided.

As far as FDA is concerned, it informs the driver about front car departure in a queue or jam by buzzing if the gap increases to over 3 metres and the driver fails to respond. The system activates when you are 10 metres away from the car in front.

What’s new in the accessory department?

2019 Aruz  Gear Up

There is a GearUp range on offer that upgrades your car from the outside as well as from the inside. Although there is no body kit available, the functional parts and aesthetic components help the cause.

The exterior upgrading components include a set of door visors, chrome scuff plates for door sills, rear bumper protector, and luggage tray. Inside, you can opt for coil floor mats, infant child seat, and toddler seat.

perodua aruz gear up Accessories

Additionally, you get an option to choose bonnet and doors insulation for the improved silent driving experience. Further, there is Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring system that can be managed via a smartphone application.

A Utility Package is also on offer that includes coil mats, door visors, and luggage tray.

All these accessories come with individual pricing. For the same, refer the list below-

2019  GearUp accessory

  • Door Visors: RM160
  • Chrome scuff plates: RM150
  • Rear bumper protector: RM160
  • Luggage tray: RM140
  • Coil floor mats: RM200
  • Infant child seat: RM785
  • Toddler seat: RM975

2019  GearUp accessory list

  • Bonnet insulation: RM80
  • Doors insulation: RM455
  • Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring system: RM430
  • Utility package: RM450

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