Toyota Rush - Maintenance guide

Toyota Rush - Maintenance guide

Gone are the days when seven-seaters defined multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs). The three-row SUVs have replaced MPVs as the modern-day family vehicles.  Positioned above the compact models, the seven-seaters are spacious, comfortable and rugged. While several names pop out when speaking of seven-seater SUVs, Toyota Rush is a popular choice in the segment, with high credibility. The current version was introduced in October 2018, featuring multiple visual and mechanical updates. It is available in just two variants including 1.5G and 1.5S. 

Toyota Rush front

Toyota Rush Specifications 

The Toyota Rush specs sheet features a single 1.5-litre, naturally-aspirated petrol engine, which also powers models such as Toyota Avanza and Perodua Myvi. It comes with an automatic start/stop function, and dual VVT-i technology for enhanced fuel economy. Complete mechanical details are mentioned in the table below. 

Engine 1.5L, four-cylinder petrol
Power 105 PS at 6,000 rpm
Torque 136 Nm at 4,200 rpm
Transmission 4-speed torque converter automatic
Drivetrain 2WD

Is Toyota Rush Front Wheel Drive?

No, the Toyota Rush is not a front-wheel drive. It is paired to a 4-speed torque converter automatic gearbox, which channelizes power to the rear wheels. 

What is the mileage of Toyota Rush?

The Toyota Rush is claimed to deliver 15.6 kmpl, quite impressive by the standards of three-row SUVs with a relatively low fuel economy. 

Toyota Rush Price

Like most of the seven-seater SUVs, the Toyota Rush is priced slightly higher with prices starting from RM 93,000. The Toyota Rush price in Malaysia for both variants is given in the table below. 

Variant Price
Toyota Rush 1.5L G RM 93,000
Toyota Rush 1.5S RM 97,000

Following the footsteps of models in the segment, it is layered with an array of comfort and connectivity features. A lot of prominences has been given to utility, with conveniently placed 13 cup-holders, and four electric outlets allowing hassle-free charging for devices while on the run. The talking point inside is the 6.8-inch DVD-AVX head unit with screen mirroring function and six speakers. 

Toyota Rush Cabin

Toyota Rush maintenance tips

Regular servicing & available offers by Toyota 

Toyota’s one-stop service centres provide proper car care, component repair, air conditioning care, tyre care, servicing for imported model and repair. The periodic maintenance could be done every six-months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first. In case of severe driving conditions, servicing could be done either every 3 months or 5,000 km. 

Owners can also avail the pre-paid services from Toyota to ensure they do not miss out on getting their Toyota checked by the trained professionals at Toyota service centres. A five-year warranty with unlimited mileage warranty is available with the Toyota Rush, which covers a comprehensive list of services.

Toyota Rush maintenance

Know your car well 

While these are some of the services that can be availed by the owners, it is important to understand when and what you need to do to maintain your Toyota Rush alive and kicking. Respond to your vehicle’s need, and a good way to have a better understanding of that is going through the user manual as it provides a better perspective of the Toyota Rush features, specs and tips to prevent some issues. It will also make you aware of the frequency of servicing. 

Change oil and replace fluids regularly 

Lubricating vital car components, especially the engine is requisite for proper functioning. The engine oil gets dirty which leads to wear and tear. This calls for changing the engine oil at regular intervals. Aside from engine oil, brake oil, transmission oil, coolant, and power steering oil also need to be changed frequently. These small efforts will help keep the heart of your Toyota Rush pumping properly, just the way Toyota wants you to. 

Toyota Rush maintenance

Keep a check on belts and filters 

Filters, spark plugs and belts can impact the fuel-economy of your Toyota Rush if left damaged. Hence, these need to be replaced if found worn out. This could also help boost the performance of the SUV and reduce the cost of maintenance by avoiding unnecessary expenditures if treated timely. 

Replace tyres when required 

Toyota Rush tyres

Tyres need to be inspected regularly, as the weight of your Toyota Rush rests on them. Besides, tyres are constantly in touch with the road. Given its constant exposure, it is susceptible to maximum wear tear. It is however recommended to check the pressure in tyres of your Rush on a weekly basis and get the tyre rotation process done every six months. 

Awarded an impressive 5-star rating by ASEAN NCAP, Toyota Rush is meant for the tough roads, ready to take on all kinds of terrains. As for the maintenance, the above tips can help you with the long run of the vehicle, and ensure a trouble-free driving experience.

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