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Proton X50: All the details so far

Proton X50: All the details so far

Proton and Geely’s partnership has proven fruitful if nothing else. The first product of this tie-up was the brand’s first-ever SUV, the X70, the car gained high sales numbers and shortly became one of the country’s hottest offerings. After the X70 came the revised versions of the Saga, Exora, Iriz, and Persona.


In the future, Proton has other models planned to offer in the local market, it includes X70’s locally assembled version. This will be done by securing the use of IP (intellectual properties) and rights to sell and manufacture three Geely cars - Geely Binyue compact SUV, Boyue-based SUV, and Jiaji MPV.

Now, after the Proton X70, prospective car buyers are looking forward to the launch of a smaller SUV from Proton which might go by the name X50 in the local market. Here’s all that we know about this soon to arrive Proton car until now.

The name game, X50 or something else?

The Malaysian automaker has not given any official confirmation about the upcoming car’s name. However, there are a few factors that indicate the name X50. First, Proton already has a car called X70 that uses alphanumeric naming mothed which the automaker says makes it easier to sell in other markets without any adjustment required.

Proton X70

Here, the X denotes the vehicle type say SUV or crossover and the number ‘70’ refers to the size. This naming system mimics the Volvo XC range, and it accommodates both smaller and larger models that may arrive in the future. Since Proton’s upcoming SUV is smaller than the X70, the name X50 seems fitting.

Another reason why the name X50 is highly likely is the fact that Proton recently filled it with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. The said filing was made on 28th March 2018 and was legally accepted by MyIPO on 24th Sept 2018.

Now, only time will tell whether or not Proton will use the name X50 for its upcoming small SUV.

The car the X50 would be based on…

With the Proton-Geely partnership, the former has introduced cars that are largely based on the laters model lineup. Like the X70 is based on Gelly Boyue, the X50 will be the local-spec model of the recently launched Geely Binyue. Camouflaged Binyue was seen on the Malaysian roads undergoing testing rounds.

Proton X50 dimensions

The Binyue is built on Geely’s B-segment Modular Architecture, and the SUV measures 4,330 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and 1,609 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2,600 mm.

Like the X70, the Binyue-based Proton SUV is expected to get equipment and styling revisions specific to the Malaysian market. With respect to the recent design language adopted by Proton, the X50 should also showcase ‘Infiniti Wave’ look.

Proton X50 technical specification

Proton X50 ENGINE

In the Chinese market, the Geely Binyue is available in two turbo 3-cylinder petrol mills. The base model features a 1.0-litre unit making 134 hp and 205 Nm and it is mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Next is the more powerful 1.5-litre powerplant offering 174 hp and 255 Nm, it is co-developed by Volvo and is coupled with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

In addition to the convention engine setup, there is also a plug-in hybrid trim available. It is based on the 1.5-litre unit with a battery pack and electric motor added. The total system output stands at 255 hp and 415 Nm.

Geely Binyue rear

We are not sure which engine option will the X50 get for the local market, but the chances of it getting the conventional 1.5-litre unit are high. If this prediction is correct, the X50 would be Proton’s first car to feature a dual-clutch transmission system.

On the equipment front, the Binyue specs sheet features Level 2 autonomous driving features like parking assist and adaptive cruise control. It also gets autonomous emergency braking (AEB), GKUI system, 10.25-inch main display, and seven-inch LCD instrument panel. The X50 is expected to benefit from most of the features mentioned above.

Proton X50 tentative launch in Malaysia

Proton X50 interior

This is the question many need an answer to. However, nothing can be said for sure, as Proton has not poured in any conformation. According to a reliable source in the auto industry, the Proton X50 is expected to arrive in October 2020 as a CKD model.

Proton X50 price point and local rivals

Since the Proton X70 price range is RM 99,800 to RM 123,800, the X50 being the smaller one is expected to be a bit cheaper. A lot of tentative figures are floating around both off and on-line, we expect it to lie within the RM 78,000 to RM 103,000 price bracket.

In the Malaysian market, the X50 on arrival would compete with the likes of Toyota CH-R, Honda HR-V, and Mazda CX-3.

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